Smart Streets Kickoff – 20 sept 12-14 KTH-A

20 sept kl 12-14 + lunch

KTH Arkitekturskolan Sal A108

Keynote: Dan Hill, futurist and urban designer, Vinnova

Moderator: Alexander Ståhle, research project leader, KTH School of Architecture

The future city? What are the trends – digitalization, climate change, segregation, urbanization? How should our streets change? How can we set a new smarter design standard for future streets. This is the driving research question in the new project Smart Streets, run by KTH, Chalmers, VTI, Spacescape, Sweco and White.

Welcome to a lunch seminar with keynote speaker Dan Hill from Vinnova, formerly Future Cities Catapult and Arup UK office. Check his blog The talk and Q&A will be moderated by Alexander Ståhle from KTH School of Architecture and research project leader.

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